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Tomb Crafter 4: Illuminati – Adventure Map for MCPE

The Tomb Crafter 4: Illuminati map takes you in an adventure to the Illuminati stronghold as part of a quest to find some ancient magical armor. The map includes everything from parkour, traps, mob battles, and much more which makes it quite an interesting and entertaining map. This is the fourth map in the Tomb Crafter series, so be sure that you support the creator by playing the previous maps as well.

All credit goes to minecraftstyler777


Assume that you are Lara Craft (totally pun intended), and you are out on a mission again. This time is to find the magical Illuminati’s armor. There are 12 hidden gold treasures in the map. Each of them include a code which is required to find a secret room. If you fail to find the room then scroll down to find the cheat code, also known as a video on how to solve everything in the map. However, that might not be considered fair.
tomb crafter 4

Tomb Crafter 4 Rules

  • Use beds as checkpoints
  • Set difficulty to max

tomb crafter 4 tomb crafter 4 tomb crafter 4


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