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TNT Stuff | Redstone Map for MCPE

TNT are meant to blow stuffs up. However, besides that, there are other many uses for TNT that not many Minecraft players know about. Here is TNT Stuff, a Redstone map that introduces a bunch of Redstone creations utilizing the effects of TNT.

TNT Rocket Launcher

With the power of TNT, this contraption can launch you – the player – more than 1200 blocks in the air. That is very much high than the clouds and almost into hyperspace.

tnt stuff

TNT Launcher

This launcher can launch players or mobs forward. You can use it to cross a big gap.

tnt stuff

Fire Arrow Fountain

Completely harmless to look at, unless you decide to grab the arrows. This works just like a fountain, but instead of water, you have fire arrows. Arrows will be fire straight up in the air and land on top of hoppers which will retrieve the arrows and shoot them back again.

Warning: May cause burning.

tnt stuff

TNT Trampoline

It is not easy to get the best height out of this thing. You need to time the explosion just right.

tnt stuff

Disposal Machine

It is obviously what TNT is made for, blow stuffs up.

tnt stuff

Exploding Room

Ever wanted to be inside an explosion but still tnt stuffkeep your life? Well now you can.


So those are some of the cool TNT stuff. Install the TNT Stuff | Redstone Map for MCPE and check out more.


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