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TNT Maniac [Minigame] [PvP] Map for Minecraft PE


The main purpose of TNT Maniac [Minigame] [PvP] Map is killing the opposite team. It refers to kits and explosions. There is no limitation on the number of players in this map. Players must choose one option from 3 classes before beginning the game. At present, there is only one arena to enjoy. However, hope that it will release more in the near future.

Founded by: Cheete

How does TNT Maniac [Minigame] [PvP] Map work?

Remember to read the game’s instructions carefully before starting. Once you are ready, you can start the race and decide a suitable class.

Choosing a team is so easy by standing on the blue or red clock.

Then, you have a chance to move to the next platform. After landing on the block, you have a right to choose a class.

  • Thunder Wizard: It is possible to summon lightning
  • Dedtonator: It helps spawn creepers
  • The Flame Archer: It can release explosive/fire arrows

When everyone is ready, you can start the game. Try to kill other enemies and destroy the base of another team.

How to Install TNT Maniac [Minigame] [PvP] Map

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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