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Throwing TNT & Dynamite Addon for Minecraft PE

A new feature of this game is the equipment of 4 explosives items. These items allow you to change the terrain or set up other Minecraft things. Besides, they come with special explosion powers with the different working methods.

Founded by: CaptainJoe143

How to Play Throwing TNT & Dynamite Addon

Access the inventory and pick your new items. As the replacement of vanilla items, they allow you to pick easily in survival mode.

  • Throwable TNT (Snowball)
  • Dynamite x2 (Bottle ‘o Enchantment)
  • Dynamite x1.5 (Ender Pearl)
  • Dynamite (Egg)

TNT item or dynamite shares many differences. They allow you to release a primed TNT block and other things.

Feel great to play this addon in creative mode.

How to Install Throwing TNT & Dynamite Addon?

Download Resources .McPack

Download Behaviors .McPack

Enable the packs for a world in-game

Download a .ZIP file for this add-on here.

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