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Three Villages & One Temple At Spawn Seed for Minecraft PE

Enjoy this amazing seed with three different villages and one temple. Situated closely to the spawn, it is very easy for you to pick up a huge source of loots from the chests of a blacksmith. These items play an essential role in helping you survive in your adventure. It takes you a few minutes to collect these necessary items.

Creator: TheGrimReaper0880

The spawn is located on the border of plains biome and a desert. Go straight, there is a village appearing in the plains biome. Besides, there is a desert village on your right side.

The similarity between two villages is their big size. you can find a variety of loots in the chest of the blacksmith.

They could be listed here, including:

  • 3 gold ingots
  • 1 iron horse armor
  • 2 bread
  • 1 iron boots

Continue to go straight and turn left alongside the sand biome. There is a sand temple here that encourages you to discover.

After entering the sand temple, your task is breaking the colored blocks. Go down and you will see four hidden chests. Avoid stepping on the pressure plate because it can cause a serious bomb.

Once entering four chests, you have a good chance to discover the collection of loots as the followings:

  • 10 rotten flesh
  • 2 spider eye
  • 4 enchanted books
  • 31 gunpowder
  • 20 bones
  • 26 sand
  • 2 saddle
  • 1 string
  • 1 gold horse armor
  • 3 gold ingots
  • 1 golden apple

It takes you a surprisingly short time to see a savannah village after entering the desert.

Seed: -908086585

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