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Thimble [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

This map is an ideal option for multiplayer, in which players have to jump tall obstacles and place a block safely while falling into the water. It shares many similarities with droppers. Once the time passes, you can see the smaller pool. It makes falling on the blocks easily, and players will die.

Founded by: Skayloss, Tenshinryu

How does Thimble [Minigame] Map work?

The number of players in this map should be 2 to 8. You can set up the game after all players are ready to get involved in the race. Your first task is allowing each player to choose a block. Once everything is completed, you have two options of Tree map or Nether map.

It’s time for players to jump out the high structures. Look at the tree’s base. It comes with a small-sized pool, which requires you to land safely on the water and put a block in the right position. Remember to place the block at the same time you jump into the water.

If there is only one player die, the game will continue. Try to break all blocks, and you can start your new game.

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