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The Tower: Parkour [Parkour] Map

One of the most noticeable features of this map is a new experimental mechanic. The lives are limited. Therefore, players must be careful when jumping.
Founded by: McMCPE1234

What is The Content Of This Map?

Challenge yourself by overcoming 18 total levels, which change from the easy to more difficult ones. There is a variety of obstacles to deal with here, including different glass jumps, block switching courses, piston pushing jumps, barrier blocks, and fiery nether castles.

How to Play The Tower: Parkour [Parkour] Map

If you select “25 Lives Challenge” mode, the total lives you can have at the beginning are 25. If you pass 3 floors, you will be rewarded 3 extra lives. The game will finish if your lives turn to 0. Otherwise, you will win when completing 18 floors and having some lives left.
Besides, feel confident to experience the game with “Unlimited Lives” mode, which offers you 999 lives.

How to Install The Tower: Parkour [Parkour] Map

Download .McWorld
Download .ZIP

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