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The Orphanage (Horror) [Adventure] (Beta Only) Map

For those who love experiencing horror maps, the Orphanage (Horror) [Adventure] (Beta Only) Map is a good option. Compared to its previous maps, it shares many similarities. The big difference is the quality of each version. Try to avoid jumpscares in the map.
Founded by: omerci
Ported by: danieldeak70

What is The Storyline of The Orphanage (Horror) [Adventure] (Beta Only) Map

When you are driving to come back home, you have to deal with the bad weather such as thunders, darkness and even sleepiness. Unfortunately, your vehicle is out of gas. You will need the help from other people. There is a big building ahead of you. Try to find a safe shelter at night.

How to Install The Orphanage (Horror) [Adventure] (Beta Only) Map

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