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The Orphanage [Adventure] [Redstone] Map For Minecraft PE 0.13.0

The Orphanage (Horror) (Modded Map) [Adventure] [Redstone] Map is a map of diversity, matching many kinds of specification together to create a map adventure contempt.

A special thing is that the sound effects in this map, it is really spooky, when playing you will have more feeling very much when turned on sounds. A dark covering up the entire map, each step you have the track of the ghost, but you don’t know it’s hiding somewhere. Your task is to pass the whole of the difficulties that the author created to search out hidden secrets about the history of this map. Why it became so cold, as it is now.



Author: GifferTheCrafter


The Orphanage (Horror) (Modded Map) [Adventure] [Redstone] Map


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