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The Lab [Adventure] Map for Minecraft PE 0.14.0/0.15.0

The Lab is a challenging parkour, puzzle, and adventure map with a slightly different (but funny) storyline. During an experiment to create a growth serum for pigs the scientists have accidentally added the wrong ingredient into concoction causing the pig to go really really mental.

No one noticed this until the pig had grown to an enormous size and destroyed most parts of the lab and was now going to destroy the city in its path of destruction. Who would have thunk it that a giant pig would be the one to wipe out human race from existence?


For quite a long time now, a scientist has been doing experiments with pigs in several attempts to create a growth serum. In the most recently experiment, the scientist accidentally add the wrong ingredient into the growth serum which caused the pig to grow to incredible size but at the same time, it became really strong and angry.

No one knew about this until it was too late and the pig has destroyed the entire lab and a large part of the city. The Minecraftian government has assigned you with the task of going in there, find the pig and solve the problem.

the lab
the lab


  • Play in peaceful
  • Don’t break blocks

Download link for The Lab Map

All credit goes to SkyMonPlays



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