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The Flash Mod for Minecraft PE 0.11.1

Have you ever seen superheroes of Marvel? Maybe mentioned Iron Man, Hulk, Flash Man, Thor, and more.The Flash Mod was based on character Flash Man on a series movie of Marvel.

Flash man is a man which is the owner of speed.He can move and run at the speed of light.In this mod, you will have all abilities of him and will have more.To have those abilities, you need to craft an armor set.It has a red  color which is symbols of Flash.Will have many items which need craft such as Suit, Mask, Boots …You will have supernatural powers: increased speed, jump boost, health regeneration, damage resistance and extra attack when to equip them.It is wonderful to be able to transform into a superhero, right?

Item IDs and Crafting Recipes:

  • Speed Gems (378) – 4 redstones + 1 gold ingot
  • Speed Force (448) – 8 gold blocks + 1 diamond sword
  • Flash Mask (632) – 1 speed gems + 4 red wool
  • Flash Suit (633) – 1 speed gems + 7 red wool
  • Flash Leggings (634) – 1 speed gems + 6 red wool
  • Speed Boots (635) – 2 speed gems + 2 red wool
The Flash Mod
The Flash
The Flash Mod
The Flash

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The Flash Mod

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