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The Aether Trident Addon

Nowadays, the player can get a powerful strength from the Aether Trident. This tool plays an important role in improving your health and speed. You will become so strong thanks to this item. However, avoid the collision between this power and your head. It helps protect your power.
Founded by: Keyyard

How to Play The Aether Trident Addon

You can use the Aether Trident for different purposes. The game comes with 2 packs that equip the specific powers.
Keep the trident in your hands and start using it.
• The Aether Trident is coming with the old style: It has various languages, powerful health, and high movement speed. There is no gravity and damage here.
• The Aether Trident coming with the new style: It has Night Vision, Regeneration 3, Speed 3, Resistance 3, Jump Boost 9

How to Install The Aether Trident Addon

1. Choose your most suitable style:
Old Style.McPack
New Style.McPack
2. Download Resources.McPack
3. Enable the game for exploring a world in-game
Download a.ZIP file for this game here.