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ThanosGauntlet Add-on

A new equipment appears in this game is Thanos Gauntlet, which allows the players to get the superpower when wearing it. Therefore, if you use this gauntlet, you can have a surprisingly fast speed and the powerful strength.
Founded by: Santigamer836

How to Play ThanosGauntlet Add-on

As the replacement of the Trident, the gauntlet can be got by accessing the creative inventory. Get the suitable item by choosing Thanos Gauntlet. 6 status effects include Night Vision, Speed, Regeneration, Strength, Jump Boost and Resistance.

Compared to the TNT, the gauntlet is stronger. For instance, you need to use one hit to defeat the Wither Boss or Ender Dragon.

How to Install ThanosGauntlet Add-on

Download Resources & Behaviors .McAddon
• Activate the packs for exploring a world
• Enjoy the world