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Minecraft PE seed : TFARCENIM – Triple Biome

In this seed, you will explore three biomes. Spawn in front of a hole that hole is entrance of an complex cave system. But in that cave system you can find lots of  coal, iron and even some gold that is good reward for your effort. On your right of the spawn is mesa biome, in that have lots of cave system which can be explore. But careful with the lava pool if you fall down to there you will die. If you need it, have a large cave contain lots of lava pool in the mesa biome. After all, we have three different biomes in this seed: a flat landscape, a mesa biome and a desert. Explore them and finding the pleasantness.




Seeds : TFARCENIM Work in PE ver0.10.5 or ver0.11.0+

Found by: Brainshard

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