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Veristicraft (Shaders) [64×64] [128×128] Texture Pack

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Veristicraft is an HD really realistic texture pack that comes with shaders which tries to use the traditional look of Minecraft and turns it into an even more realistic vision. The MCPE shader texture pack works great on both modern and medieval types of worlds. Everything from the sky line, the moon, the sun to most blocks have got new textures. There is an HD version which is 64×64 and a super HD version which is 128×128. Choose the one that suits your game version and device.

The port for Minecraft PE is still a work in progress but for being the first release it’s definitely great.

All credit goes to GoreFotoniano23 and tim_10ery


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Download link for the Veristicraft Shaders and Texture Pack

Download (0.15) (64×64)
Download (0.15) (128×128)
Download (0.14)
Download (0.13)

Download (0.12)


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