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EVO Shaders Pack for Minecraft PE

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Evo Shaders is beyond anything we have seen before. No matter which terrain or environment you are in, everything will look multiple times more beautiful. The lava in the Nether looks awesome because of the perfect shadowing and the glowing hotness. Also, the overworld in Minecraft got a much more lively and realistic appearance. Take for example the leaves in the trees which are moving to the wind and the wavy water. More MCPE texture packs shaders here.

Compability Issue / BUG / BUG-FIX List :

  1. There’s compability issue on PowerVR G6200
  2. Fix Adreno 5XX crash on game
  3. Leaves is a big issue for performance
  4. Rail 50% transparent for unknown reason
  5. Leaves flickering in iOS devices (may fix later)

Important Setting ! (Locate inside /games/resource_packs/myshader/shaders/glsl/settings.h) :

#define POS_FIX 0 //set this to “1” if you have graphical issue. (Some device maybe not support this feature).

#define OLD_LIGHTING 0 //set this to “1” if you want to enable old lighting from EVO V1.1 and disable new lighting (also increase performance on old device).

// Note :

//- NEW LIGHTING not work for ios, for this condition, OLD_LIGHTING value should be “1” (Already in .mcpack iOS).

//- You can enable this too on Android if you like old lighting. 

Some Advice:

  1. Please turn MCPE brightness to “0” to make sure there’s no lighting issue in-game
  2. Adjust your phone brightness to good bright for good gameplay.

 Useful information:

  1. Please wait for shader to load on your mcpe at least 1 minute from loading screen(if not load that’s mean shader is not support on your device)please contact me about that.
  2. Please read “EVO Lisence.txt” inside the shader if you want do something with shader “copy/paste or etc”

All credit goes to TRXDev

evo shaders
evo shaders
evo shaders
evo shaders

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EVO Shaders Pack for Minecraft PE:

-Open file-explorer and click on .mcpack file, it will installed automatically on your mcpe..





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