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A Little Taste of Jerm Bedrock Edition Texture Pack

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The creator of this pack is JermsyBoy who has experienced many years on YouTube. For the first time, it got the inspiration from the resource pack of Bdouble0100. With some changes, the pack proves its great functionalities.

Founded by: JermsyBoy

Video Preview

Watch the video below to enjoy more descriptions of the pack. It helps you learn the game in a better way.

YouTube video


There are some changes in the version 1.2 you should pay close attention.

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  • End Stone Bricks & End Stone
  • Prismarine
  • Plant & Brown Mushroom Block
  • Snow
  • Netherrack and Purpur are changed
  • Nether Wart Block is edited
  • Bookshelves, Carved Pumpkins, Shulker Shell Item, Tall Grass, Acacia Sapling, Popped Chorus Fruit, and Dropper & Dispenser are fixed


How to Install A Little Taste of Jerm Bedrock Edition Texture Pack

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