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Teleporter Mod for Minecraft PE 0.15.0/0.14.2/0.14.0

The Teleporter Mod adds a completely new block to the game which is the teleporter pad. This block can be placed anywhere and then used to teleport the player from one location to another just by stepping on it. It is quite simple to use for various purposes and it will probably be quite useful for you!

All credit goes to Arthu25

How to use the teleporter mod pads?

Begin by crafting at least two teleporter pads. Once you have placed one of the pads down on the ground you will be prompted to name that teleporter pad: /teleporter name <name-of-pad>

  • Teleporter Pad – 1 diamond + 1 stone + 4 obsidians

Here I am placing down the first teleporter pad at a lake that is nearby a large birch forest. Therefore, I decided to name it BirchLake.

teleporter mod

The second teleporter pad that I am going to place down is on a location where there are lots and lots of pumpkins. I am going to call this teleporter Pumpkins.

teleporter mod

You can place down as many teleporter pads as you want for your own purpose and crafting ability. For the purpose of demonstration, I am only going to place two.

To use one simply walk on top of one and a menu should pop up giving you all the available teleportation options. Sometimes you have to walk on the pad from a specific angle before the options window pops up.

teleporter mod


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