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Tameable Pandas Addon (1.8 Only)

It is suitable for those who are playing version 1.8 and looking for an upgraded panda. This cute panda creates a great interaction with you and other animals. It is a good choice for your adventure in Minecraft.
Founded by: MitchellDawud03

How to Play Tameable Pandas Addon (1.8 Only)

Feed the Panda some bamboo to tame it. A tamed panda will protect you from other dangers. Letting it stand or sit is dependent on you.

Then, open the inventory and put a cake in the slot to ride the Panda. One way to boost the speed is by using bamboo.

Video Showcase

How to Set Up Tameable Pandas Addon (1.8 Only)

• Download Behaviors .McPack
• The pack should be applied for a world
• Design the world
• Download a .ZIP file for this game here.

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