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Tallest Mushroom in Minecraft Seed for Minecraft PE

Tallest Mushroom in Minecraft Seed. I’ve been on a lot of adventures throughout my Minecraft years and I honestly thought I had seen most of what there is to see. But this finding definitely makes me question that presumption. This seed (Tallest Mushroom in Minecraft seed for MCPE) features the tallest mushroom I’ve seen. If you’d like to prove me otherwise then feel free to submit any other seed which got anything like it!

Found by: 3vro5

Tallest Mushroom in Minecraft for Minecraft PE

Soon after I was tipped off about this seed I sent a redstone message to two of the Overworld’s most famous mushroom scientists and asked them to come and investigate.

Both of them quickly arrived to the scene and agreed that this was an amazingly important finding. The stem is 13 blocks tall and this makes it the tallest mushroom ever found in the Overworld.


“I’ve seen a lot in my career as a mushroom scientist but this is beyond anything that I could have imagined. I can’t wait to get some samples back to the lab and cook some mushroom stew.” – Professor Frick.

The mushroom can be found by simply turning around once you’ve spawned. It looks very out of place. The scientists are currently working hard to try to understand this rare finding. Was it sent here by aliens? Is it a message from some god? We need answers!

Seed: 533763325

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