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Mini SpeedRun – Parkour Modded Map for MCPE 0.15.0

mini speedrun

The Mini SpeedRun Parkour Modded Map is a run-for-your-life type of map which includes several jumping and running challenges that can be known as Parkour in Minecraft. It is a really fun map to play with as there is a timer built into the game. Try to get the best time and then try to beat the best time. Post …

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Minecraft Trials PE Parkour Map for MCPE 0.15.0/0.14.0

minecraft trials pe

Minecraft Trials PE is a parkour and puzzle map. In each level, you either need to solve a puzzle or perform some kind of parkour acts to continue to the next level. Each level comes with one or two Emerald, so try to catch them all. The Emeralds do nothing in this map, but they are surely nice bonuses. If you …

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Penta Parkour Map for Minecraft PE

penta parkour

The Penta Parkour is a parkour map of five challenging levels. Because as you all know, Penta means five. If you do not know, then, congratulations, you have just learned something new. The objective in each level is to obtain a key. That key can be obtained by completing certain parkour excercises. The key can then be used to open the …

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Deserted Facility map for Minecraft PE 0.14.0

deserted facility

The Deserted Facility is an adventure map that has a little bit of parkour and puzzle into it as well. The scheme takes place in an old deserted testing facility. Apparently, you are a security guard in here but things got a little bit out of control. And because it is a really secure facility with lots of difficult obstacles that you need …

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Sonic Parkour Map For Minecraft PE 0.13.0

This is a map of the very famous and was adapted to the author for MCPE version, will have some editing to fit the features on the phone but the interesting and intriguing challenges remain unchanged.

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