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We have found our favorite villages for the Pocket Edition of Minecraft. These seeds are full of fantastic scenery, blacksmiths, interesting caves, mountains, cliffs, diamonds, emeralds and a whole lot more…

Mesa Biome & Villages Seed for Minecraft PE

It looks like two separate villages when you use this seed spawns. Therefore, they provide enough food for you in several weeks. Here is also an ideal place for you to discover the natural world with the appearance of a big spawn mesa biome. You have a good chance to find out a huge source of gold. Creator: …

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Floating Igloo & Snow Village Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed (Floating Igloo & Snow Village for MCPE) features an unidentified flying object but it’s most likely just an igloo so don’t get your hopes up about aliens in Minecraft just yet. It takes quite a bit of walking to get there but it’s really worth it. And especially so because I will also show you how to …

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Small Village Island Seed for Minecraft PE

This is a seed (Small Village Island Seed for MCPE) which spawns you on an island far out in the ocean. But the thing that’s interesting with this seed is the village island which can be found just 100-150 blocks away from the spawn. The village is located on an island which is separate from the one which you spawn on …

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Village Island & Blacksmith Seed for Minecraft PE


Here comes the Village Island & Blacksmith Seed which is a really amazing survival island containing one village and a blacksmith. The island is among the list of many in an enormous ocean with no mainland nearly. There has some green grassland on the island, giving a good chance for animals like sheep and pigs to spawn here. Found by: …

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AcE – Spawn in Coast Village

The majority of this village in the water, some house in the village located on a small island with wood bridges connect a house to the other. One more things, the well is located on a little hill in the center of village. Pretty cool, right ?

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1909 – Desert Village with Blacksmith

This seed is an desert village seed. From the spawn you will see the village, in this village have a blacksmith with amazing loot, the following items is: 1 Iron Chestplate, 2 Iron Leggings, 2 Iron Boots.....

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29300 – 3 Villages close spawn

Have two more village you can found in this seed. From the first village, as you can see the cliff behind the first village, come there you will see some patch of pumpkins, continue that direction and you find another village located in the hills with unique look. At the second village, if you turn right you will …

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