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Minecraft PE Seed: life360 – Land Bridges

You will find an multiple large overhang and extreme hills in this seed, also you can find lots of land bridges with connect an extreme hill to another hill. If you have a problem with moving from an hills to another hill. Moreover three beautiful waterfall and lava can be found in this seed.

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Minecraft PE Seed: extra nuts – Hang in there!

You got an unique seed, in this seed the code of the seed tell everything about it: "extre nut". After you spawn an cliff of the moutains you will see arround you is extreme overhanging hill, they're very magnificence.....

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Minecraft PE Seed: tubafish – Epic Mountain

In this seed you got an magnificent with lots of cool feature. In the foot of mountains is a nice cave, also you will see to cliff very natural and two beautiful waterfalls. Moreover, easy to realize this seed has been divided become two biome....

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Minecraft PE Seed: raygun – Diamonds at Spawn

In this seed you will find lots of rare ores by digging close the spawn. After digging across 5-10 blocks you will reach to an large cavern. Inside the cavern will you got lots of diamonds, gold, blue gems, red gem...

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Minecraft PE Seed: zvutd – Epic Overhang

In this seed you spawn close an extreme hill with gigantic overhang. The overhang creates an epc cavern under the extreme hill with grand features. Surrounding the extreme hill with can find an medium mountain with two levels...

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Minecraft PE Seed: SNICKERS – Ores & Nice Little Hill

If you're finding an seed with lots of resources without find them all the seed, don't overlook this seed. From the spawn just digging straight down about 10-15 blocks and you will fall down to an cavern system with plenty of ores. Exactly you will find diamonds, gold, iron, some redstone and a ton of more other ores....

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