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Each Minecraft PE Survival Island Seed listed below has a survival island at or near the game’s spawn point.

Perfect Survival Island Seeds for Minecraft PE


In Perfect Survival Island Seed, you will have the most perfect experience I’ve ever come across in Minecraft Pocket Edition. The shape and the natural resources available on the island are the specialities that make this seed excellent. There is a pretty overhanging hill with lots of tree in the center of the island. You can easily find pigs, cows, …

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Ceeta – Small group of island

The spawn point is one island on group of island. The spawn island is major island with a lots of trees about 20-30 trees. That is eought for building a large base, a great seed for who want survival in the first night....

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HULK ANGRY – Ocean Mesa Seed

This seed is an survival seed, in this seed you spawn close an deep ocean mesa biome very beautiful. After the game start, and spawn you into an island surrounded by ocean...

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twoseed – Survival island

Spawn in a medium island located somewhere in the ocean. In the island have a opening cave, only one tree. Surrounding island have some other small island with some tree, grass biome to spawn some animal. Then you have full basic survival elemental to live in there....

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dqdd – Ice Spikes Biome

In this Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.10.0 seed, the target is finding an ice spike biome not far from spawn. The spawn point in the ice biome, surrounding you is ice plans and an frozen rivers throughout. And have a little part is a highly hospitable plain with some trees....

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twentyfifteen – Survival Island

In this seed, the game will start by spawn you in an island located somewhere in the ocean. Close the spawn island have another island, that island have a beautiful beach and also have a nice cave with a small lake inside.....

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Minecraft PE Seed: ILLAGE – Deep ocean island

Spawn in an survival island located somewhere in the ocean. The island have divided become two part. The first part is higher than the over with some tree, the other part is lowest with some grass part but mostly is sand....

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