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Minecraft PE Dungeon Seeds

Dungeon in Stronghold Seed for Minecraft PE

This seed is very interesting with a dungeon inside a stronghold. You may find it a little bit challengeable to come there. Discover the dungeon. It has a skeleton spawner and two chests. Your responsibility is overcoming these obstacles to come to the end portal room. It promises to bring the fun to you when enjoying this game. …

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lololl – Deep Ocean Bryce Mesa

In the version 0.11.0+ have new type of mesa biome, that is bryce mesa biome. In this seed you will spawn close the bryce mesa biome and a deep ocean. From the spawn, easy to come the bryce mesa biome....

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-1078523866: Dungeon in a Village MCPE Seed

dungeon in a village

Dungeons are scary space deep underground that gives you a way in but kills you before you can make your way out (at least in theory). On few occasions, you can find these dungeons and explore them if you have the balls to. In this case, there is a dungeon in a village that includes one skeleton monster spawner and one chest. This …

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Minecraft PE Seed: silent hill – Dungeon

In this seed you spawn in the hole in the ground. Behind you is something very scary, that is a dungeon with a path leading you to the monster spawner (exactly is zombie spawner) running toward to you....

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