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Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE 1.0.6, including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

The 4 Biomes At Spawn Seed

When playing this seed, you will find it great to spawn at the intersection of 4 biomes. Therefore, it is ideal for you to explore plenty of areas in Minecraft that you haven’t known before. Let’s start your adventure now. How to Play The 4 Biomes At Spawn Seed Walk in any direction you want; you will be …

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Fake Savanna Biome Seed

This savanna biome has many hills that make it difficult to move around. With a large range of green trees, it looks so realistic. Although the game has some bugs, it’s worth enjoying for many reasons. Let’s discover interesting secrets of this game. Creator: MeowKitty How to Play Fake Savanna Biome Seed Look at different terrains in this …

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Rivermeet Seed

The place where you spawn is near 5 river’s center. If you are looking for a good survival seed, this game should be in the first priority. Feel wonderful to discover different areas here such as open ravines, a double lake, islands, etc. Founded by: Jaren-Darkwolf How to Play Rivermeet Seed After spawning, you have a chance to …

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Survival Island, Mushroom, Ice Spikes & Village Seed

There is no doubt that this seed’s worth discovering for many reasons. The place where you spawn is a tree survival island that comes with many sugar canes. You will find out a mushroom biome near an epic ice spike biome behind spawn. Besides, there is a blacksmith in a village. Founded by: TelepathicGrunt When standing on the …

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Triple Village Fused to Mesa Mineshaft Seed

After spawning, you will spawn near the Mesa Biome. There is a Flower Forest in front of you. In case you turn back, you will see the Mesa Bryce Biome. There is a Triple Village when you walk along the Mesa Biome’s border on the right. They include a Zombified Plains Village, a Plains Village, and a Desert …

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FlatEarth: Jungle Ravine At Spawn Seed

If you are looking for an impressive jungle survival adventure, this seed is a good option. You will spawn in a thick jungle. After walking ahead 10-20 blocks, you will meet a big ravine. There is a huge source of ores in the ravine, which helps you make weapons and tools. Creator: Morgan B007 After spawning, you must …

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Exposed Water Stronghold, 8 Emeralds & More! Seed for Minecraft PE

The destination where you spawn is so surprising. It is a shore with a small village ahead and without blacksmith. It is advisable for you to use several diamond blocks to indicate where you spawn. Main Features How does Exposed Water Stronghold, 8 Emeralds & More! Seed work? After coming to the village, you should go ahead until you …

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