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Collection of the best Seeds for Minecraft PE 1.0.6, including flat, mountain, cave seeds and more. We update MCPE Seeds everyday.

Fake Savanna Biome Seed

This savanna biome has many hills that make it difficult to move around. With a large range of green trees, it looks so realistic. Although the game has some bugs, it’s worth enjoying for many reasons. Let’s discover interesting secrets of this game. Creator: MeowKitty How to Play Fake Savanna Biome Seed Look at different terrains in this …

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Rivermeet Seed

The place where you spawn is near 5 river’s center. If you are looking for a good survival seed, this game should be in the first priority. Feel wonderful to discover different areas here such as open ravines, a double lake, islands, etc. Founded by: Jaren-Darkwolf How to Play Rivermeet Seed After spawning, you have a chance to …

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Survival Island, Mushroom, Ice Spikes & Village Seed

There is no doubt that this seed’s worth discovering for many reasons. The place where you spawn is a tree survival island that comes with many sugar canes. You will find out a mushroom biome near an epic ice spike biome behind spawn. Besides, there is a blacksmith in a village. Founded by: TelepathicGrunt When standing on the …

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Triple Village Fused to Mesa Mineshaft Seed

After spawning, you will spawn near the Mesa Biome. There is a Flower Forest in front of you. In case you turn back, you will see the Mesa Bryce Biome. There is a Triple Village when you walk along the Mesa Biome’s border on the right. They include a Zombified Plains Village, a Plains Village, and a Desert …

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FlatEarth: Jungle Ravine At Spawn Seed

If you are looking for an impressive jungle survival adventure, this seed is a good option. You will spawn in a thick jungle. After walking ahead 10-20 blocks, you will meet a big ravine. There is a huge source of ores in the ravine, which helps you make weapons and tools. Creator: Morgan B007 After spawning, you must …

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Exposed Water Stronghold, 8 Emeralds & More! Seed for Minecraft PE

The destination where you spawn is so surprising. It is a shore with a small village ahead and without blacksmith. It is advisable for you to use several diamond blocks to indicate where you spawn. Main Features How does Exposed Water Stronghold, 8 Emeralds & More! Seed work? After coming to the village, you should go ahead until you …

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Small Islands & 2 Biomes Meeting Seed for Minecraft PE

What can you discover in this seed? The seed has a flat surface, two biomes, and 2 small islands. Everything is expressed in 2 following images. There is a snowy biome crossing a grass landscape. How to Play Small Islands & 2 Biomes Meeting Seed There is no challenge in playing this seed. All you need to do …

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