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Here you can download addons for Minecraft PE 1.0.6, for iOS and Android. Description to each addon painted in great detail. MCPE 1.0.6, addons are updated daily.

Ferrari 458 Italia Add-on for Minecraft PE

If you are looking for a surprisingly fast vehicle in Minecraft, you should pay attention to Ferrari 458 Italia Add-on. With the cool design and fast speed, this car brings you to everywhere you want. It offers faster speed than riding a horse or a donkey. This is the reason why everyone also wants to own this car …

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Vanilla+ Addon ( Only!) for Minecraft PE

Zombie horse has equipped some new features in this addon. It also has the great ability to turn normal horses to zombie horses. Therefore, remember to protect your horses from this infection. Explore all gorgeous features of the game now. Founded by: StarkTMA How does Vanilla+ Addon ( Only!) work? The main feature of Zombies is the hostility …

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Toy Soldier Addon for Minecraft PE

In Toy Soldier Addon, there are two separate armies of toy trying to defeat each other. The main characters of this game are toy soldiers. They play many functions and can be improved to the next stage. Another benefit of this addon is that you can play it singly or by multiplayer. Founded by: Rexiar How does Toy …

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Mine-Pogo Add-on for Minecraft PE

As a pogo stick, the Mine-Pogo Add-on is very effective in jumping freely everywhere you want. Although this pogo is not the fastest vehicle, it still looks cool in many aspects. There are two color options for you to choose, including the red and the blue pogo. Both of these polo share the same functionality. Founded by: MicoLets_MC …

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 Mouse Add-on for Minecraft PE

In this add-on, a mouse is the main character and it replaces the silverfish. Be careful with the mouse because it will attack players when it gets the opportunity. It is advisable for you to own a domesticated cat to protect yourself from this hostile mouse. The domesticated cat is a vanilla mob, which tends to kill hostile …

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Flags Addon for minecraft PE

Enjoy a bunch of lovely flags in this interesting game. As a replacement of the shulker, this addon has the ability of spawning some random flags at the end of the game. With the creative design in the Overworld, these flags can be used effectively as the great decorations. Changing the color of flags is possible due to …

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Snowmobile Add-on for Minecraft PE

If you like traveling on ice or snow, the Snowmobile Add-on is an ideal option. It is one of the fastest vehicles in the world of Minecraft. You can compare it with a motorbike. This add-on is not only fast but also stylish. Feel wonderful to discover the great snow biomes of Minecraft. Founded by: Gona How does …

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Mario Craft Add-on for Minecraft PE

Implementing 4 of the total characters from the Super Mario universe to Minecraft PE, Mario Craft Add-on is really an interesting game to discover (Hope that there will be more characters in the future). Luckily, there are two characters can become your great companions by proper taming. Thanks to classic sounds, it makes this add-on out-standing from other …

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