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Ceeta – Small group of island

The spawn point is one island on group of island. The spawn island is major island with a lots of trees about 20-30 trees. That is eought for building a large base, a great seed for who want survival in the first night....

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AcE – Spawn in Coast Village

The majority of this village in the water, some house in the village located on a small island with wood bridges connect a house to the other. One more things, the well is located on a little hill in the center of village. Pretty cool, right ?

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Minecraft PE Seed: legend of luuc – Village,Stronghold

This seed you show you an medium village with a blacksmith (good loot) as well as a stronghold under it. From the spawn point, as you can see surrounding area is: plains, mesa, and desert. And just go ahead and soon you will reach to the desert village......

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Minecraft PE Seed: 1408803813 – Ice spikes village

If you're an Minecraft experienced players you will know, ice spikes biome is quite rare in the Minecraft Pocket Edition, and snow village is very very rare because village doesn't generated on snow, except in the border of the other village. But in this seed we will find both of them....

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