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Here you can download Mods for Minecraft PE 0.16.2 for iOS and Android. Description to each mod painted in great detail. MCPE 0.16.2 Mods are updated daily.

Slope Blocks Mod (iOS, Android & Windows 10!) for Minecraft PE

The main function of Slope Blocks Mod is turning 21 square blocks of Minecraft Pocket Edition to slope designs. If you are looking for simple and smooth structures, you should put this mod into your consideration. It works smoothly on most of devices such as Windows 10, iOS, and Android. Feel wonderful to enjoy this game now. Founded …

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Vertex Client Mod (Android) for Minecraft PE

Vertex Client is a multifunctional game you can enjoy in Minecraft. It plays an important role in enhancing your abilities of movement as well as mob building. The game is ideal for both single player and multiplayer. A big plus of the mod is that it comes with many helpful items to do cheating. With 50 unique characteristics, …

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 ElectricGuns Mod for Minecraft PE

With this mod, you can have a memorable experience with 50 firearms. These weapons have the powerful strength to cause danger to the enemies. They vary from machine guns to rocket launchers. Founded by: ElectricDroid How to Play ElectricGuns Mod Tap the weapons on the floor. This allows you to shoot immediately. You can stop shooting by tapping …

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Black Ops 3 Weapons Mod (DesnoGuns Addon) for Minecraft PE

For players who are a big fan of science fiction, they will fall in love in Black Ops 3 Weapons Mod immediately. The game inherits the content of Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 to provide modern weapons to you. Are you ready to discover this interesting game? Here we go. Founded by: Black_DeathPE List of Weapons To …

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Survival Essentials Mod for Minecraft PE

Feel confident to survive in this mod with a great number of gorgeous features. You can select some useful items such as a diamond kit, some important food items and the fly mode off and on. It is obvious that most of the features are effective in creative mode, whereas, giving food is less meaningful. Founded by: AllMCPE …

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Instant Structures Mod for Minecraft PE

Setting up your beautiful structures is possible with Instant Structures Mod. At present, you can make use of 7 unique blocks to build up your structures. Two most outstanding structures are a large farmland and a solid well. Founded by: Eaglerex How to Play Instant Structures Mod Get 7 blocks by writing this command /getblocks. Other recipes can …

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Sword Pedestal Mod for Minecraft PE

With two extra new blocks, Sword Pedestal Mod makes your game more interesting by offering sword display stands. Compared to the Armor Stand Mod, this mod is responsible for protecting your swords, not the armor. Founded by: ThunderModPE How to Play Sword Pedestal Mod It is unchallengeable to craft the pedestals by selecting them from the creative inventory. …

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EasyDrops Mod for Minecraft PE

Instead of dropping an entire stack, this mod can drop items and blocks by using an extra button. This mod makes impressive by high simplicity and fresh design. As a result, it’s worth trying in both PC version and Minecraft Pocket Edition. Founded by: SphinxyPE How to Play EasyDrops Mod The first requirement is paying attention to a …

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