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Minecraft PE 0.13.0 Maps

Penta Parkour Map for Minecraft PE

penta parkour

The Penta Parkour is a parkour map of five challenging levels. Because as you all know, Penta means five. If you do not know, then, congratulations, you have just learned something new. The objective in each level is to obtain a key. That key can be obtained by completing certain parkour excercises. The key can then be used to open the …

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The Aether PE – Creation Map for Minecraft PE

aether PE

So how to you understand the Aether? It does not look anything like the thing from Thor: The Dark World, I can assure you that. It is not something that exist in the default game of Minecraft, not yet anyway. With the Aether PE Map, the Aether is the opposite to the Nether. So basically, this is Minecraft …

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Traditional Hotel – Creation map for Minecraft PE

traditional hotel

The Traditional Hotel is a big house that can be considered either a really big mansion or a grand hotel. It has a magnificent looking interior with dozens of rooms to explore and even through in your own spin at interior design. There is also a big garden outside which is simply symmetrical. It is a really majestic place. The one downside is …

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Archery Challenges – Minigame Map for Minecraft PE

archery challenges

This map is consisted of five Archery Challenges in which you have to use a bow and arrow to shoot at some certain buttons to open a door which leads to the next level. The buttons are placed on redstone lamps which are attached to a mob head. Aim for the buttons, not the heads. The idea of this map is to prepare you for the …

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Murder Mystery: Beach Resort Minigame Map for MCPE

murder mystery

Murder Mystery is a really fun minigame for 4-10 players. One player will be assigned to be the murdered while others are innocent bystanders. The murderer will have to try to kill all the other players without being detected as the killer and the bystanders must to try to find out who the murderer is and kill him. How to play? …

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Modern Mansion – Creation Map for Minecraft PE

modern mansion

Have you ever imagined a really big house with everything and everything? I’m talking houses for celebrities and the such. If yes, then you probably want to add the Modern Mansion into your game. It has all the luxurious upper-class necessities that most of us probably can only dream of because not all of us are millionaires. But we can …

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Little City Map [Creation] for Minecraft PE

little city

Little City is a small city built in the old world size of Minecraft Pocket Edition. It includes several roads, bridges, and skyscrapers leading to the center of the city. It is not exactly the grandest city you have come across but it is surely a nice little creation which could be used to expand on and build towards something bigger. …

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Deserted Facility map for Minecraft PE 0.14.0

deserted facility

The Deserted Facility is an adventure map that has a little bit of parkour and puzzle into it as well. The scheme takes place in an old deserted testing facility. Apparently, you are a security guard in here but things got a little bit out of control. And because it is a really secure facility with lots of difficult obstacles that you need …

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