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Minecraft PE 0.11.1 Seeds

Minecraft PE seed : -192827 – Triple Village

Spawn near a triple village but it has specially it situated in four different biomes: plains, desert, mesa and savannah. The village have something look very weird and oddly generated structures like a house has been generated in the other and a balcony....

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Minecraft PE seed : rage.mc – The Dungeon

In this seed you will find a open dungeon. But before we talk about how to get inside it we need prepare some tools, torches, and weapon because in this dungeon very dark and have so many zombies....

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Minecraft PE seed : -1636982312 – Small Islands

A good choice for the survival seed. This seed contain a group of small island, in each island have unique special features which will use for your advantage. Like you can find more wood in the one island with other island have pumpkins...

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Minecraft PE seed : 1428963330 – Triple Village

In this seed have three different biomes: plains, desert and savannah. From the spawn turn left and just go to that direction soon you will see some houses. Get close to that, and realize it is a large village, actually is a triple village...

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