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Minecraft PE seed : Beer – Extreme Hills


At the spawn where you are start, doesn't like the the tittle of this seed, that is a flat grass biome but if you using creative mode first and flying high and see this seed in the birdview. You will see the extreme hills close the spawn and....

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Minecraft PE seed : 3015911 – Iron & Diamonds

No need to walking, no need to looking. In this seed you will find lots of iron and diamonds blocks by digging down from the spawn. Keep digging down from the spawn like a images below about 5-10 blocks you will fall down to a cave system.....

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Minecraft PE seed : elbows – Three Villages

The main section of this seed is finding three villages. From the spawn on the shore of an ocean, and finding the forest to cross it, after a while you will find the first village. The first village is good place to live....

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Minecraft PE seed : bachilleres – Pumpkin Village

The name of the seed said everythings about it. The spawn is close of the small village located near by a river lake then it got a little harbor, or you can treat it as a little bridges located out on the coastline in a bay area.....

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