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Subject: The Beginning

subject: the beginning

Subject: The Beginning is the first map of a series of adventure maps called Subject. The story is, one day the main character, that is you, wake up in what seems like a forest. But after some time it is clear to you that you have been hand-picked to be a subject for a number of different tests. It is a mysterious storyline as …

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Desert Dungeon Survival Map for MCPE 0.15.0/0.14.2/0.14.0

desert dungeon

Your quest in this map is to travel to an old desert dungeon and try to get your hands on some precious treasures. You must to walk to the desert dungeon and battle your way through an army of monsters before you can collect the treasures and get away. Challenge yourself through a daunting task and collect your reward. All credit goes …

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Deserted Facility map for Minecraft PE 0.14.0

deserted facility

The Deserted Facility is an adventure map that has a little bit of parkour and puzzle into it as well. The scheme takes place in an old deserted testing facility. Apparently, you are a security guard in here but things got a little bit out of control. And because it is a really secure facility with lots of difficult obstacles that you need …

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