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Kingdom of Fairheaven – Creation Map for MCPE 0.15.0

kingdom of fairheaven

This is the first release of the map Kingdom of Fairheaven but you can bet it is still a development in progress. It was built to become an epic stronghold which should be able to remain intact despite almost any attack. In the middle of the stronghold is a grand church and scattered all over the town lie several houses. …

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Traditional Hotel – Creation map for Minecraft PE

traditional hotel

The Traditional Hotel is a big house that can be considered either a really big mansion or a grand hotel. It has a magnificent looking interior with dozens of rooms to explore and even through in your own spin at interior design. There is also a big garden outside which is simply symmetrical. It is a really majestic place. The one downside is …

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Map in 0.14.0

The newest item that was added to Minecraft Pocket Edition is Map! Map is already available in the PC, Mac, and console versions (both Xbox and Play Station). Maps allow you to ‘map’ out the world, see terrain, and what direction you’re facing. Pretty much like a proper map in other video games, which should not have been something that …

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