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Here you can download Maps for Minecraft PE 1.0.6, for iOS and Android. Description to each map painted in great detail. MCPE 1.0.0 Maps are updated daily.

Gold Rush [Minigame] Map for Minecraft PE

Discover the great mines with a huge source of ores in Gold Rush [Minigame] Map. After getting ores, you should try to smelt them and pick them from the chests. You can find out many valuable items there such as emeralds, diamonds, gold, and even real gold rush. Try to complete your task because you have only 5 …

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Ultimate Survival Base [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

In Ultimate Survival Base [Creation] Map, players can get necessary items from different redstone creations and a great survival base. These items can serve you for a long time such as food, etc. You will be safe when staying within the walls of base to avoid the attention of some monsters. When monsters find you, they will try …

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Music Maker (Command Block) [Redstone] Map for Minecraft PE

If you are a music lover, you will actually fall in love with Music Maker (Command Block) [Redstone] Map. Composing an interesting piece of music is an unchallengeable task thanks to a big instrument. By adding some notes to your track, you could enjoy your unique music immediately. You can do many surprising creations with this map. Express …

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Working iPhone 6 [Redstone] (1.0.5+ Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

If you are a big fan of iPhone 6, you should pay attention to this model. With semi-functional features, this map becomes a favorite game of many gamers.  In comparison with other realistic Smartphone, Working iPhone 6 has still left some limitations. However, it is very easy to turn on and switch differently available applications of this map. …

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Lucky Blocks (Demo) (Command Blocks) [Redstone] Map for Minecraft PE

The redstone creation in this map can replace the sponge by a lucky block. It also equips special behaviors to discover. You can find added lucky blocks in many add-ons and mods, however, these blocks firstly appear in a map like Lucky Blocks (Demo) (Command Blocks) [Redstone]. The drawback of this feature is the only compatibility of the …

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Skyfall [PvP] (1.0.5 Only!) Map for Minecraft PE

When using this map, you may see some fierce sky battles. Spawn in air, you are equipped a pair of additional wings and a weapon. The target is becoming the final alive player. It is quite difficult for you to survive just only by flying around different sky islands. All you need is the enough supplements of weapons …

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Megacity [Creation] Map for Minecraft PE

This is an extremely interesting city to discover. Thanks to lots of lights from buildings, they make the city become beautiful at night. You can see a variety of skyscrapers and other structures that will be completed in the future. There are empty land areas you may across on your way. However, hope that they will have great …

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Epic Cliffs (Base) [Creation] Maps for Minecraft PE

This map is considered as an ideal mountain base for your Minecraft Pocket Edition. It comes with the special design to help you take advantage of beautiful around mountains. There is no need of leaving the base to access any place inside the base thanks to a system of tunnels. If you improve the better Redstone security, it …

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