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Sword Pedestal Mod for Minecraft PE

With two extra new blocks, Sword Pedestal Mod makes your game more interesting by offering sword display stands. Compared to the Armor Stand Mod, this mod is responsible for protecting your swords, not the armor.

Founded by: ThunderModPE

How to Play Sword Pedestal Mod

It is unchallengeable to craft the pedestals by selecting them from the creative inventory. A small downside of the mod is that it has still left some bugs in survival mode. Hope this problem will be solved effectively in the future.

Some ways to craft items are:

  • Pedestal (200) includes 3 stone slabs and 1 iron ingot
  • Cobblestone Pedestal (201) includes 3 cobblestone slabs and 1 gold ingot

After placing a pedestal on the floor, you can see many items such as a diamond sword, iron sword, golden sword, stone sword, and a wooden sword. Repeat this step to get what you want.

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