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Sven skin for Minecraft PE

Sven the Rogue Knight from Dota 2.

Sven the Rogue Knight is a versatile melee strength hero with superior physical power yet is coupled with various abilities that provide utility. He can fulfill various roles, but is often played as a semi-carry due to his high utility even without items. He possesses a versatile arsenal, from shouts that grant armor both for escaping and pushing to throwable gauntlets that disorient enemies around the target unit. With enough items, Sven has the potential to be a strong late-game carry due to his ultimate which increases his damage making him up to three times as powerful, which then can be used in conjunction with his Great Cleave in order to deal extraordinary cleave damage which can frequently lead to multiple kills with just a few swings from his sword. This immense power granted to him solely by his ultimate makes one of strongest late-game carries in the game, and arguably the strongest semi-carry of all, as his killing presence is able to stay up even if he decided to build more supportive/tanky/utility items. A truly frightening enemy to go up against if farmed, strong and versatile, Sven is a solid addition to almost every team composition.


Sven skin for Minecraft PE
Sven skin for Minecraft PE




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