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Surgeon Simulator [Puzzle] Map for Minecraft PE

In this map, you have to deal with 8 challenges. Your role is becoming a doctor who tries to kill the patients. It is very important for those who need the treatments on brain and heart.

Founded by: DiamondKing567

How does Surgeon Simulator [Puzzle] Map work?

This map tells you a story about a doctor who tries to rescue the patients. There are 8 patients needing to be treated. Bring some tools with you to rescue the patients.

Each level of the game includes a different puzzle.

Look at Dave. His heart is bad, and it requires transplantation.

Try to solve the stomach problem on the stomach of a robot.

A lunatic shoots the chest of a preacher. Remove the bullet and you can save the preacher.

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Main Rules

  • Choose peaceful settings until you told otherwise
  • While operating the patients, you should break blocks and place them correctly
  • Avoid breaking redstone
  • The good heart stands for Redstone block, and bad heart stands for wool block