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Surface Mod (Android) addon for Minecraft PE

This addon is not only clean and simple but also supportive in your adventure. It allows you to fly somewhere above or on the ground by controlling 2 commands. With this addon, there is no pressure of moving over long distances.

Founded by: Pixeldroid

How to Play Surface Mod

Teleporting becomes a simple task by using two commands /below or /surface.

  • /surface: It allows you to move to the surface
  • /below: move to the under area
  • /version: examine the changelog and the version of mod
  • /help: offer useful information

What do we expect in this addon? This is the easier transportation. For instance, use this command /tp ~ 68 ~ to teleport.

How to Install Surface Mod

You have to activate MCPE Master, Toolbox, and BlockLauncher before playing this game.

Download .JS Script here.

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