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Super Sweet Survival [Survival] Map for Minecraft PE

When it comes to playing this map, you have a good chance to enjoy a number of gorgeous features. Because the game is in survival mode, it has many available achievements. After spawning, you will see many chests, which are useful for your trip. Therefore, the map is a great idea for people who want to experience a survival world.

Founded by: Kidsource

How to Play Super Sweet Survival [Survival] Map

The place where you spawn is a house. After seeing different chests, you will find necessary tools for your adventure. After that, you should figure the way to the village. It is easy to recognize that the road covers the house’s garden.

The road leads you to a huge village. Discover many beautiful things around the road.

You can find a modern mansion with top high-end equipment in the second village.


How to Install Super Sweet Survival [Survival] Map

Download World .McWorld

Download World .McWorld

Download World .ZIP

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