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Minecraft PE Seed: super pig – Mountain Village

One of the most nice mountain village we has found. This village located close to a large mountain, it mean the village has been generated on the mountain, type of rare seed. Especially things is the blacksmith can be located in the top of the mountain. But if you doesn’t quick come to blacksmith, all items will be burn because the blacksmith on the fire. Get to the chest and break it to get following items: 2 Iron leggings, 1 Iron boots, 2 Bread loaves and finally is 5 Ink sacs..




Moreover in the underground of this village have an cave system contain lots of rare ores. Also you can found a swamp biome and extreme mountains, lavafall and lots of cool things can be found if you searching careful.


Seeds : super pig Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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