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 SumoPE [PvP] Map for Minecraft PE

You will need more than 2 players to play SumoPE [PvP] Map. This map has both supportive and detrimental effects for applying in your game. Feel wonderful to start this excellent PvP minigame.

Founded by: LoganS2922, Cody2074

How does SumoPE [PvP] Map work?

Look at the following image. It describes how to play this game effectively. There are a big circular arena and many tall walls where you can enjoy the game. A tiny gap disconnects two major platforms. Try to kick your enemies out of the platform.

Knocking the enemies out of the platform is the only method to defeat them.


  • Some essential weapons to prepare for the game include Bow (Infinity 1, Punch 2, Unbreaking 3), Stone Sword (Unbreaking 3, Knockback 2)
  • Make sure that everyone stands in the arena before starting the game
  • Check the rules carefully
  • Avoid PvP in the lobby

How to Install SumoPE [PvP] Map

Notice: Please contact to the creators of the game if you find any bug.

Download .McWorld

Download .ZIP

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