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Subject: The Beginning

Subject: The Beginning is the first map of a series of adventure maps called Subject. The story is, one day the main character, that is you, wake up in what seems like a forest. But after some time it is clear to you that you have been hand-picked to be a subject for a number of different tests. It is a mysterious storyline as you do not know the real reason who is behind all this.

It is a quite enjoyable map to play as it has a good mix of challenges. Some of the challenges include mob battles, a three days survival challenge, parkour levels, mazes and much more.

All credit goes to Danny_devles

subject: the beginning

Storyline of Subject: The Beginning

It was just another day at the office, except you are not at the office. You woke up in what first seemed like a forest. But once you started exploring the forest, you came into a realization that it was surrounded by four big walls and on one of the walls there was some text.

The text tells you that you are a test subject and now you are going to be locked in there for three days and then the gate will be opened. You have no idea what is behind that gate. But really, there is not much you can do other than try to survive the three nights and try to exit through the gate.


  • Play on normal difficulty (change if told otherwise)
  • Don’t break blocks unless told to do so

subject: the beginning subject: the beginning


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