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The Stripe Lands (Temple & Village) Seed for Minecraft PE

If you are seeking for great generated structures, you should pay attention to this seed. In this seed, you may see many things such as The End, The Nether, and The Farlands. However, you can’t touch these areas without the help of commands.

Creator: WraithTheRebel

How does The Stripe Lands (Temple & Village) Seed Work?

There is no difficulty in spawning in a common Minecraft world. You will see many crazy lands. One of the Minecraft chunks is The Stripe Lands.

Then, activate cheats and type: /tp @p 20000000 100 1 as the text command.

Moving is a little bit challengeable in this seed. This is because there are invisible walls covering the way. An amazing feature is that you could fly through these non-solid structures.

There is a desert village when you leave the temple a short distance. There is no villager here.  Type /tp 20000112 92 346 as the teleport.

Seed: -1769469383


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