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Stomper Boots Mod for Minecraft PE 0.10.5

Stomper Boots Mod is a creative mod which was created by _Sin0psysS_.If you are one who enjoys adventure sports and special is climbing, you will like it.

This mod is about  Boots in Minecraft PE.It adds a new Boots to the game which is Stomper Boots.It was made by diamond so it is incredibly strong.You must craft it to have it.When wearing boots you will automatically have access to two new capabilities that both are applied at any boot is worn.And have two important you should remember.Those are Falling from too high (50 blocks and more) might cause you to die and Falling on the edge of blocks might get you killed.

Stomper Boots
Stomper Boots

Abilities When Worn

  • Fall from any height and be protected from all damage you would otherwise take without the boots on.
  • Fall on top of any enemy and it will die instantly.

Item ID & Recipe

  • Stomper Boots (313) – 4 diamonds + 1 feather

Author: _Sin0psysS_


Stomper Boots Mod

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