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Minecraft PE Seed: still notch – +20 Diamonds

Diamonds always is a good ores in the Minecraft PE, most of seed in Minecraft PE leading you to the diamonds mine but almost of them is have 7-8 diamonds and after you get out the mine food and wood is hard to finding. But this seed are different, after spawn in front of you is three pigs walking around. So with that instant food you doesn’t worry about food, in the emergency situation you get hungry there are three meaty beefs always waiting you.


Back to the main section of this seed, from the spawn just diging straight down and after a while you will reach to the a entrance of large cave which leading you to the cave system.


After reach to the cave system you have two options. One of them is closest to the mineshaft. This mineshaft doesn’t safe because it contain lots of lava and fire, so careful for each foot step if you don’t want die soon. The first diamond very easy to finding just put the fire and lava to see it.


From the location you finding the first diamonds, start mining the stone blocks arounding. And you can find two more diamonds. Next steps, turn back to the other path and start searching from there. Don’t worry about you can’t find the diamond because it hiden inside the stone because most of them you can see without mining.


Seeds : still notch Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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