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Minecraft PE Seed: steve – Average Village

You spawn in a medium village located in a nice terrain with surrounding is many different things. Started at the spawn, if you go a little bit straigh ahead you will see a small lava pool, on your right is a mountain with some house has been generated on the mountains. Another ways is turn left and after few seconds walking you will find an huge hole leading down you to an cave system contains a lots of iron blocks. And if you choose cross the hole you will come to an large swamp biome.
The spawn point
A house generated inside the mountain.
Huge hole
Lots of iron blocks in there, maybe you can find some gold blocks.

So you can see this seed is contain a nice place to live, this village is so good with farm for food, house to shelter, lava, large hole with lots of irons, close the spawn biome and more if you searching it carefully.

Seeds : steve Work in PE ver0.9.0+ or ver0.9.5

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