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Standard Deep [Survival] Map For Minecraft PE 0.12.1

You survived a plane crash that almost everyone on that flight died, you drift on the wings of the plane for several days and are fortunate to have a nearby island.

A lighter and an ax is all that you have now been taken from the plane. Have you ever heard of the series “Lost” was shown on tv in early 2007 yet? Your fate is so, alone you have to overcome all the challenges to waiting rescuers.

This map is by no doubt one of the best survival adventures there are for Minecraft Pocket Edition. It doesn’t limit you to just one island. Instead it encourages you to go and explore the other islands where each one hold some secret or new finding you can take advantage of to survive.


  • Don’t build anything higher than 15 blocks.
  • No resources are allowed to be obtained from the plane.
  • Don’t pick up the loot from killed hostile mobs.

For weeks you’ve been looking forward going on a vacation. As you sit on the airplane you feel that something isn’t right. Everything starts to shake and then suddenly you hear a scream. The scream comes from the cockpit. The pilot has realized the plane is about to crash. You tighten your seat belt and prepare for the worst.


Standard Deep
Standard Deep
Standard Deep
Standard Deep
Standard Deep
Standard Deep

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