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Sprint PE [Minigame] Map For Minecraft PE

In Sprint PE [Level] Map, will have 12 different levels for you to experience and learn from experience.

Each level is a challenge for parkour, after passing a level you would not have time to prepare for the next level, the difficulty of the levels will be harder after the previous level, so to overcome all 12 levels are very difficult thing. Difficulty does not stop at speed but also more difficult times, such as at level 1 time for you to finish it was 2 minutes, the second level you have to finish it within 1 minute 45 seconds. Nothing is impossible, try to concentrate to complete this map.


  • Play in creative mode
  • Set difficulty to peaceful
  • Always press the forward button and sprint (you are never allowed to stop!)



Author:  EaterComputer

Download Sprint PE [Minigame] Map For Minecraft PE:


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