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Spider Spawner Close to Spawnrt Seed for Minecraft

You will spawn in a big birch forest, which is near a cave.

Once you come into the cave, you must have some torches to light up the dark cave. Place the torches on the walls or the ground. Don’t feel scared by red eyes of a spider. This sign tells you that you are standing near the spawner. Walk straightly to explore the cave more.

What Can You Find in The Chests?

Discover the chests, and you can find important items:

  • 2 buckets
  • 4 wheat
  • 4 bread loaves
  • 9 iron ingots
  • 10 strings

These items are very useful for your survival.


With these reasons above, it’s worth enjoying the seed. Are you ready to download it now? Let’s start.

Seed: -70122691


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